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Introducing Citrus Plus Elder Shampoo

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We’ve been working in elder care for almost 50 years and in that time we’ve tackled many problems, dignity in elder care, the specific needs of elderly skin, and whirlpool bathing to name a few. We’re excited to announce we are continuing our work in this area by tackling an issue that many have identified, but few have been able to give voice to: nonenal, the oil that causes aging odor - the characteristic “old person smell.”

Most people that have spent time in a nursing home or long term care facility recognize this smell. It has a slightly greasy odor. This smell is caused by nonenal, a compound that is found on elderly skin and encased in oil. The interesting thing about nonenal is it cannot be removed by soap and water alone.

We have studied this smell and the removal of nonenal for several years and are happy to report we are finally releasing our solution, Citrus Plus shampoo and body wash. Through the use of persimmon and cupuacu we have created a product that only leaves 0.65% of nonenal on the skin. The leading competitors leave close to 20%. We are also the first US based company to release a readily available product that is a combination shampoo and body wash.

If you have noticed a different odor as you age, give our product a try. It can be found on Amazon here.

If you have questions about nonenal or our products please e-mail us at

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