Over 90 Years of Family

Now in its fourth generation of same-family ownership, Central continues to expand their physical plant capabilities along with new product offerings – all while retaining our abilities to respond quickly and personally to the specific needs of our customers.

Frank Nobrega with brother Ferd immigrated to the United State from the Portuguese island of Madeira. They form Central Chemical on January 2nd, 1925.

Frank Jr. joins his father and uncle in business. Central's product lines diversify and they establish a reputation in the midwest as a health care specialist.

The family legacy continues to grow with the arrival of the 3rd generation. The focus shifts to new and innovative product designs – Central Chemical becomes Central Solutions and sales grow to a national level.

The 3rd generation establishes a presence in the national health care industry while DermaCen and Classic become flagship product lines. Central's future is ensured by the entrance of the 4th generation.

With the addition of the BoaVida line, Central continues to lead the industry with their expertise in custom formulation and manufacturing.


Tel: 913-621-6542 | Toll Free: 1-800-255-0262


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm CST


Founded in 1925, and now in the fourth generation of same-family private ownership.

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- Shampoos

- Conditioners

- Body Washes

- Medicated & Non-Medicated Soaps

- Skin Creams & Protectants

- Alcohol & Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

- Surgical Instrument & Enzymatic Cleansers

- Hard Surface Disinfectants

- Animal Grooming Topicals


401 Funston Rd.
Kansas City, KS 66115

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