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What is TEWL and Why is it Important?

Transepidermal Water Loss, or TEWL as it is often known, is a measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body through the epidermal layer to the surrounding atmosphere. In other words, it’s how much water leaves your body through your skin.

Why is this important? Well TEWL affects how dry your skin is. If your TEWL is low, meaning less water is passing through your skin, then your skin will feel hydrated and moisturized. If your TEWL is high then your skin will often feel dry and may crack or peel. This is very common in the winter months when there is less moisture in the air or in the summer when you spend more time in the sun are are more likely to burn and damage your skin.

So one of the keys to healthy skin is lowering your TEWL. But how do you lower your TEWL? Well the obvious answer is using products on your skin that help replenish the moisture you lose naturally throughout the day. This is usually in the form of lotion or cream. But keep in mind not all skincare products are created equal.

Certain products may help replenish the moisture in your skin, but when it comes to lowering your TEWL they don’t provide much of a barrier. This means that you have to reapply that product throughout the day to keep your skin feeling moisturized.

The good news is there are ingredients that not only re-moisturize your skin, but help lower your TEWL. One of those ingredients in Cupuacu Butter which we use in our BoaVida products. Clinical testing shows that Cupuacu Butter lowers TEWL, delivering a significant continuous barrier and thus helps keep the skin hydrated. Not only that, but when compared with Shea Butter and Lanolin, two common ingredients used in lotion to help replenish moisture, Cupuacu Butter is 161% more absorbent than Shea Butter and 200% more absorbent than Lanolin.

For more information about our BoaVida line or to order please visit or e-mail us at

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