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Elderly Skincare

While our products can be used on just about every type of skin, many were created with the needs of elderly skin in mind. This is for many reasons. We have a personal connection with elderly care. We have taken time to study and learn about elderly skin care to create the best products available. The elderly population is rising globally by record numbers. By 2030 it’s predicted that half of the US population will be over 65, and we believe in promoting dignity in elderly care by providing high quality options and products.

But what does it mean to take elderly skin into account when creating products?

One of the most important things is pH balance. As we age our skin becomes more sensitive and has a higher pH than normal adult skin. Products that are not pH balanced can be irritating on sensitive skin and, in some cases, cause an allergic reaction. While no product is completely hypoallergenic, a pH balanced product significantly reduces the likelihood of having an adverse reaction to a skincare product.

As we age our TEWL (transepidermal water loss) also increases. This means our skin becomes dried out faster. This can lead to flaking skin which can result in itching, scratching, or in extreme cases eczema, xerosis, bleeding, and infection. Using products that lower TEWL is helpful. This is part of the reasons we utilize Cupuacu Butter in all of our BoaVida products.

Our skin also becomes thinner and more prone to tearing as we age. This impacts the viscosity of products. It’s important to create skincare that coats and protects the skin while not tearing or damaging. Getting this balance just right can take lots of minor tweaking which is part of the reason we are so happy to have an on-site laboratory.

One of the easiest ways to care for aging skin is by moisturizing daily and using products that are specifically formulated with elderly skin in mind. Just keep in mind that caring for elderly skin doesn’t mean products have to smell institutional. As far as we know, Central Solutions is still the only brand offering aromatherapy options formulated for elderly skin.

For more information on our products please check our website, blog, or e-mail us at

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