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What is Cupuacu Butter and Why Do We Use It?

When we were introduced to the Cupuacu fruit, a plant indigenous to the Amazonian rain forest of northern Brazil, the decision to design an entire skin care line around this incredible ingredient followed quickly after. Why were we so impressed? Well there were a few reasons.

1) Amazing Moisture Retention - Cupuacu provides remarkable benefits - some of which we cannot put on our labeling, simply because it's outside the FDA monograph for skin protectants. Yet a simple google search will reveal benefits such as improving skin elasticity (anti-wrinkles), burn healing, and scar therapy. For our purposes, however, we zeroed in on skin moisturization. It's ability to penetrate the skin quickly (transdermal penetration) - and then retain that moisture - is unparalleled. It's even far more effective than shea butter or lanolin.

2) It’s natural and environmentally conscious - The Cupuacu fruit falls to the ground under its own weight, and simply grows back over time - so no trees are sacrificed. And the entire fruit is used. The Cupuacu butter we utilized is cold pressed from the seeds, the pulp is added to drinks and smoothies, and the husk is used for composting. As it turns out, the Cupuacu fruit harvests are creating a tremendous economic benefit for a rather poor region of Brazil – a win-win -for everyone.

3) It performs wells in clinical trials - Last year a 127-bed facility in the southeast part of the United States agreed to take our entire Cupuacu line in-house and use it exclusively for 31 days. We had no relationship with this facility - we never visited, nor did we know any of their employees or owners. The results? After 30 days, there was an 85% decrease in xerosis, a 55% decrease in skin tears, and a 45% decrease in physician-ordered treatment for denuded skin.

4) It connects us to our roots – BoaVida, our skin care line that features Cupuacu, is Portuguese for "Good Life". Why Portuguese? Because our family founder was born in Portugal and immigrated to the United States as a young man. And the only place that the Cupuacu tree is found is in the rain forests of the Amazon (primarily northern Brazil). Brazil…..Portuguese…..get it?

To learn more about Cupuacu please follow our Facebook page. We post videos, FAQs, and Cupuacu facts regularly.

To order BoaVida please visit or find our products on Amazon.

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