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What We Learned from Whirlpools

Most people don’t realize that when Central Solutions started, we actually specialized in cleaning supplies. Sure we had a few soaps, but our biggest sellers were disinfectant and floor finish. So what would make us shift our business to producing primarily skincare products? Well, the answer may surprise you. Whirlpool Bathing.

When our business started in 1925 our primary customers were in the 4 – 5 state Midwest region. Our first invoice was for a local (Kansas City) hotel and they bought 10 gallons of our floor oil. But as our business grew, so did the diversity of our customers. We were receiving more business from hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities, and with this shift in customers came a shift in needs.

In the 1970s we were approached with a problem. There was a new device out on the market that was being used in nursing facilities for elderly patients – whirlpool bathing. It was a large tub with a patient transfer chair which made bathing easier and much more comfortable for the patient. Using these specialized whirlpool tubs required equally specialized cleaner-disinfectants, bath additives and shampoos for optimal efficiency.

The whirlpool uses a series of jets and hoses to create a bubbling bathtub for the patient, but these jets were becoming clogged with the foaming shampoo and soap on the market. Disinfectants had not been evaluated for compatibility with the internal parts of the whirlpool, nor had the areas of use been registered with the EPA. Conventional shampoos foamed too much and would not properly work with the dispensing devices. Manufacturers of the whirlpool bathing units approached us looking for a solution. We had earned a reputation as problem solvers in the industry. And our solution? Create a line of skincare products that were specifically designed for the bathing units and for the needs of the elderly patients. And thus the first products of our skincare line were launched.

It’s been over 40 years since we formulated what is now our Classic Bathing Liquids line and since then our business has become primarily skincare products. Our takeaway from this experience? Be adaptable and listen to your customers. Just because you’ve always gone in one direction in the past doesn’t mean you have to continue in that direction forever. And develop a reputation with your customers for innovation, so they can be the first to tell you when they have a problem that needs fixing.

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