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Most people have heard of our BoaVida Recovery Crème. You can find big bottles sitting on just about every surface of our office. But did you know that BoaVida is actually an entire skin care line designed to recover, cleanse, treat, and protect? We wanted to tell you a little bit more about each of these products and why we think they are important, because if you use them all together the results can be amazing.


This is the basic Recovery Crème that most are familiar with. It’s a bit thicker than traditional lotion and is formulated to help recover dry and malnourished skin on an everyday basis. It can be used on hands, legs, face, elbows, feet…really just about any skin that is prone to dryness. The primary ingredient is Cupuacu butter, cold pressed from the seeds of the Cupuacu fruit. It is twice as effective at lowering transepidermal water loss (TEWL) (link to blog post) than Shea butter. Keep in mind that all of our products are designed to be pH-balanced so they are great for sensitive skin.


We have two different products that are designed to cleanse, a foaming cleanser and a cleansing crème. Both of these options are no-rinse to make it easier to clean your skin or hair if you can’t take a shower. Maybe you or a loved one are bedridden, or you don’t have access to a shower while camping or hiking. The foaming cleanser can be used on both skin and hair and the pump makes for an easy and convenient dispensing so you don’t waste product. The Cleansing Creme helps remove debris from the skin but is great if you skin is dry because it helps keep your skin moisturized.


Sometimes skin needs more than protection, it needs to recover from skin irritation. For that we have two different products to help. Calvida helps treat denuded and macerated skin, especially skin that’s been damaged because of exposure to urine and feces. We took a lot of care to create a crème that is thick enough to create a protective layer but thin enough to go on smoothly. It’s a great tool when living with incontinence. It can also be used as a diaper rash cream. It contains menthol to help quickly relieve pain & discomfort and calamine to further soothe irritated skin.

Our Antifungal Crème was created to address all types of fungal infections, like ringworm, athlete’s foot, and jock itch. While it may be something you don’t like to think about, fungal infections can permanently damage the skin if left untreated. The crème is unscented making for a subtle treatment for many different types of fungal skin irritation.


Canopy is designed to protect skin before it becomes damaged. It helps prevent irritation, especially irritation from urine and feces. It’s great for higher risk areas. It has a blend of silicones to form an effective & persistent shield and penetrates your skin quickly to relieve dry and chapped skin.

31 Day Study

So why is it important to learn about all our different products in the BoaVida line? Because just look at what can happen when they are used together. A 127-bed long term care facility participated in a skin protection/prevention study. The study was broken into four areas of focus: overall skin integrity, skin tear rate, incontinent patient perineum/skin observation, and denuded skin rate. During the course of the month-long trial, patients were placed on a wound prevention program that featured the entire BoaVida line of skin nourishment topicals. Just look at the results.

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