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Our On-Site Laboratory: Why It’s Important

We like to brag about our on-site laboratory. A lot. It’s great to have expertise right at our fingertips. But why is having an on-site laboratory important in manufacturing? There are a couple reasons, and we thought you might like to take a peek into our operations.

It allows for custom creations

Central Solutions, Inc is a formulator and manufacturer. That means we develop a product from start to finish, creating the combination of ingredients and then mixing and filling the products right here in our manufacturing space. We have our own products, like BoaVida and DermaCen, but we also help businesses create private label products which gives them control over the formula, packaging, size, color, scent, and more.

Having an on-site lab means that when we assist our customers in creating a private label product, we can create samples and adjust and customize in-house. If a customer calls our support line, we can walk down the hall to speak with our chemists and discuss adjustments. There are no middle-men.

It saves time

Our commitment to quality products dictates almost every business decision we make. We want to provide products that will be the highest quality without a long wait time. This means testing every single batch before it leaves our facility to ensure consistency and performance. We don’t have to send our samples to an outside facility and wait for results. We can prioritize workload based on need and make adjustments. We get to control the quality while also moving product through our facility.

We provide technical expertise

We have taken time and care to hire an incredible laboratory team. They develop unique formulations in-house through a research and development process that combines curiosity, imagination, method validation, and technical expertise. We let our chemists try new things to solve unique and diverse problems. We want to provide solutions to problems rather than products.

If you are interested in learning more about our on-site laboratory or custom manufacturing please e-mail us at

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