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Is Custom Manufacturing Right for My Business?

So your medical practice is looking to expand their offerings by creating your own hand sanitizer or anti-microbial soap.

Or you have a successful dog grooming business and you are looking to create your own pet shampoo and conditioner to expand your brand.

Or you own a successful skincare company and are looking to upgrade your manufacturing.

Whatever the reason you are looking at custom manufacturing, there are some things you should know before you start out on this journey. With over 90 years of experience in formulation and manufacturing, we’re here to help with your medium to large size production needs.

Flexibility and Control

First, if you are looking at customer manufacturing, you’ll want to partner with someone that can provide you flexibility and control. You know your customers, you know what kind of product you want. Rather than simply duplicating an offering readily available in the marketplace, find a manufacturer who will create a partnership, creating, testing, and refining products along the way with input from you.

FDA and EPA Registered

That being said, you’ll also want to look for a manufacturer who knows the rules and regulations around creating, manufacturing, and selling skincare products, especially products that have active ingredients like hand sanitizer, antimicrobial soap, and certain types of creams. Look for a manufacture that follows Good Manufacturing Practices and is registered with the EPA and FDA. Also realize there are different types of FDA registrations for skincare manufacturers including cosmetic manufacturer, drug manufacturing establishment, and medical device establishment. This type of information should be available on your potential manufacture’s website. If it’s not, be sure to ask.

Extensive Expertise

Finally, you’ll want to work someone who not only follows the rules, but offers creative and innovative solutions to your problems, including support in the areas you may not be as sure about, like formulation, graphic design, or marketplace insights. A great test of this is the manufactures work space. Do they have a laboratory on site? Do they create their own formulations or just fill and ship other companies’ formulas? Another great way to test this is to ask for several product samples from different batches. Does the product have a consistent quality over several batches? Do they test the product in-house to ensure consistency? You may ask to have an on-site tour to see for yourself. Any company you partner with should be happy to accommodate.

Remember, custom manufacturing isn’t for everyone. Particularly if you aren’t wanting to produce a large amount of product, this may not be for you. Keep in mind we do have minimum production runs. But if you are interested in growing your business and offering new products to your customers, consider this option.

Central Solutions would be happy to speak about your custom manufacturing needs. Please visit our website for more information or e-mail us at

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