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Central Solutions, Inc - A History

Central Solutions, Inc is an EPA and FDA manufacturer and formulator of skincare and infection control products including disinfectant, hand sanitizer, lotion, shampoo, and soap. We have over 90 years of experience and have been family owned and operated since our founding in 1925.

Frank Nobrega Sr (left) and Ferdinand Nobrega (right)

Central Chemical Company was founded on January 2nd, 1925 by brothers Frank Nobrega and Ferdinand Nobrega after a falling out with their uncle, who owned another chemical company in the area. The brothers were both immigrants from the Portuguese island of Madeira. Their first sale was a 10-gallon container of floor oil to the Washington Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. The brothers started the company to formulate and manufacture cleaning supplies, disinfectants, insecticides, and liquid soaps for local businesses in the Kansas City area but quickly grew with the help of a robust sales force throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Ferdinand focusing on formulation and manufacturing while Frank focused on sales.

Frank Jr. at a trade show in the 1960s

In the 1950s and 1960s, Frank Nobrega Jr. joined his father and uncle in the business, specializing in sales and customer relations. Under Frank Jr’s leadership, Central Chemical Company was established throughout a five-state region of the Midwest as a healthcare specialist with a knowledgeable, honest, and reliable reputation in the field. Frank Jr. would often travel to trade shows and became the face and voice of Central Chemical Company along with his uncle and father.

Central's 1970s sales force including Greg (far left) and Mark (second from the right, back row)

In the 1970s, Central’s family legacy continued to grow with the arrival of the 3rd generation, Frank Jr’s sons Mike Nobrega, Mark Nobrega, and Greg Nobrega. With their leadership the company began to shift its focus to new and innovative product designs. Through private label and distributors, Central Chemical Company expanded to a national level. It was at this time that the decision was made to change the name of the company from Central Chemical Company to Central Solutions, Inc.

Changing the name to Central Solutions, Inc

In the 1990s, Frank Jr’s 4th son, Paul Nobrega, joined Mike, Mark, and Greg at the offices of Central Solutions and they became known as “the brothers” to their customers. They established a presence in the national healthcare industry and created the flagship product lines DermaCen and Classic. These product lines were created with the healthcare industry at the heart of their formulation. Much like their father, the brothers attended trade shows to promote their products and were known for their engaging and inventive presentations that not only educated their customers in an entertaining way but shared their vast depth of knowledge, accumulated over 65 years of business.

From left to right, Chris, Mark, Paul, Mike, Greg, and David

Early in the 2000s, Central’s future was further ensured by the entrance of Chris Nobrega, the youngest son of Frank Jr, and David Nobrega, Mike Nobrega’s eldest son and the first 4th generation family member. This was an enormous milestone for the Nobrega family. Statistically only 3% of family businesses survive to the 4th generation. Shortly after, the BoaVida line was created which cemented Central’s place as an industry expert in skincare formulation and manufacturing. Henry Nobrega, Greg Nobrega’s only son, joined the business in 2017.

From left to right, David, Henry, Mark, Chris, Mike, and Paul

Today Central Solutions, Inc leads the industry with almost a century of expertise in skincare and infection control products and strives to build on its proud history of commitment, quality, creativity, respect, and customer satisfaction. Central is still located in Kansas City, KS in the Fairfax district and has grown to inhabit a 167,000 square foot facility housing its offices, laboratories and production operations. For more information about how Central Solutions, Inc can help with your skincare, infection control, or custom manufacturing needs please e-mail

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