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Does Your Hand Sanitizer Kill This?

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We are asked all the time about the ability of our hand sanitizer to kill specific kinds of germs, usually the germ that has most recently been on the news, like the H1N1 virus or the latest flu strain. Our hand sanitizers are manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices and follow the FDA’s regulations for Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs. But our same commitment to following the FDA’s guidelines also limits what kind of claims we can make about our hand sanitizer.

The FDA monitors all products that are classified as OTC Drugs and has specific requirements about what kind of claims these products can make. In the case of hand sanitizers (and antibacterial soaps) they require that products adhere to the FDA Tentative Final Monograph for OTC Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products. It’s a government-published document that details how we are allowed to make and label our products.

One of the limitations the FDA places on these types of products is that they do not allow hand sanitizers or antibacterial soaps to make claims against specific organisms. This includes germs that cause specifics illnesses or symptoms. There are companies that do not comply with the FDA’s regulations, and when they don’t, they are subject to enforcement action by the FDA. This can seriously damage the reputation of the business.

What we can claim about our products is that they are in full compliance with the FDA Monograph and they do decrease the presence of bacteria on the skin. All of our products are also manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices and follow the monographs laid out by the FDA.

Our hand sanitizer also stacks up against the competition. In an independent investigation done by WBRZ-TV (Baton Rouge) during the swine flu pandemic, our hand sanitizer was shown to be the most effective at eliminating bacteria. You can watch that report here.

If you have additional questions about your hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap please e-mail us at

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drethix Suganya
Jun 15, 2020

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