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Central Solutions is an EPA & FDA manufacturer of skin care and infection control products, with over 99 years of experience.

Central's Production and Technical Services has earned a reputation of:
  • Consistent quality

  • Flexibility in manufacturing, inventory and shipping to enhance ease of handling and insure uninterrupted customer supply

  • Technical assistance and competitive analysis

  • A knowledgeable network of outside consultants and healthcare experts for additional support


CSI formulates proprietary creations for private manufacturing/labeling, as well as manufactures and packages fully contractual solutions. Our unique formulations are created in-house through extensive research and development.

All products are developed and filled under current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) in our 167,000 square foot facility. Full compliance with the regulations of two primary government agencies, the FDA and EPA.

Unique formulations are developed in-house through a research and development process that combines curiosity, imagination, method validation, and technical expertise with our customers' diverse needs.

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